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Insomnia Facts

insomnia facts

Insomnia is a growing problem for many people around the world. 30% of the US population now suffer from some sort of sleep deprivation. With a huge 17% of the world's population suffering from some degree of insomnia. Insomnia is described as the inability to sleep. Here are few facts and top causes of insomnia that will help you shed some light and hopefully give you some ideas on how it can be cured. 

3 Herbs That Act As Natural Sleep Remedies

herbs for sleep

Herbal medicine has been used for centuries for sleeping problems. Going without 2-3 hours sleep every night for one week seriously undermines our health and energy levels. Effects can include: tense muscles; increased blood pressure and increased levels of cortisol (a stress hormone), all making it likelier you will fall prey to infections. Mood disturbances are also common - it's hard to be cool, calm and collected when you're frantic with fatigue.

Insomnia - 10 Tricks to Get to Sleep Fast


There are many things to try when it comes to alleviating insomnia. Test each of the items here and see if these help find your way to a better night of sleep.

Insomnia costs U.S. $63 billion annually in lost productivity

( -- People who have trouble sleeping rarely see their problem as an illness that requires treatment, or as an acceptable reason to call in sick. That mind-set may be hurting employers and employees alike by compelling people with insomnia to drag themselves to work and sleepwalk through the day, a new study suggests.  

4 All Natural Sleep Aids to Help Treat Your Insomnia

If you've been having trouble sleeping at night and you are looking for natural sleep aids to help with you insomnia, here's a list of some of the most popular natural sleep remedies. I hope they will help you to get to sleep at night and finally get all the rest that you need.

The Importance of Sleep in Preventing Burnout

It’s tempting to ignore sleep in your efforts to pack more into the day. It’s true, you can train your body to survive on less sleep, but the long-term harm to your body is enormous. Aside from weakening your immune system and stamina, sleep deprivation damages your mental health.

Your mind has insufficient rest time to sort through the day’s events, categorise them and shelve them away in its library. Hopes, worries and fears you have been avoiding in your waking hours, which would normally be resolved in dream state, are ignored, and are free to fester in your mind, creating potentially larger problems.

Insomnia Natural Treatment - Gives You Good Night Sleep

There are different stages of insomnia; transient insomnia which is a temporary insomnia could last for a short period of time or for just a few weeks. It could occur if there are sudden changes in your routine or there is too much stress in your life. A more severe insomnia is chronic insomnia which could last for months and sufferers experience difficulty sleeping every night. It is recommended that you get medical or professional help even at the early stage of insomnia before it becomes chronic. Insomnia natural treatment is an alternative cure for those who are tired of being dependent on drugs and sleeping pills.


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